About Us



Sexyheads Boutique started on February 2021.  All begun when after the pandemic I Rosa Rodriguez found myself unemployed after being an Hair Stylist since 2009.  I knew I had to reinvent myself and my career, didn’t know how since I was now with my 9 years old son having home school and salons were closed.   I knew my whole life that I enjoy women transformation in all ways, that was my favorite part of being a hair stylist, I enjoy when women look at themselves with a  new look transformation and I didn’t want to miss that part in my life, and that is how I connected my two hobbies of transformation beauty and fashion.  Now I’m having the same joy every time women dress on a way they can show they personality and impact her self love, expressing it in and out looking gorgeous.  I’ve always been 🐝 passionate about beauty in all areas.  My big why creating Sexyheads Boutique is about keeping my passion of women transformation and get to have that freedom that all women should have when decide to be a mom without giving up on being productive and fulfilling dreams.

Here is the best part if you love to buy all latest fashion trends without spending a fortune like me,  Sexyheads Boutique  is a online women's boutique that is always offering  vanguard styles.  We are always finding great new brands and products for you to enjoy. We love bringing the latest items and seasonal offerings to you, no matter what your fashion sense is, you will find stylish options that match your personality at a fair price how I always dreamed off.

We offer different styles of women clothing and accessories. Be yourself, let your style talk for you without saying a word!